Remount Veterinary Corps (RVC) is one of the most dedicated services of the Indian Army with a glorious history spanning over 233 years and a scintillating present. The Corps has an enviable track record of relentless service in animal based logistics and operational support to combat teams. The Corps has set soaring benchmarks in highly divergent role which involves breeding, rearing, training the animals, their health management, treatment, immunization and also tactically employing them for the military purposes.

The present day RVC evolved out of a Board formed in 1794 by the British for breeding the horses locally to meet their growing demand since the horses were not easily available. It’s since this day the corps has never looked back and delivered upto the expectations of nation. We were an integral part during two world wars as part of British empire and post Independence RVC continued contributions during various conflicts with our hostile neighbours and also in the fight against insurgency and terrorism inflicted from across the border. The Corps has acclaimed achievements during various operations including J&K in 1947, NEFA in 1962, Indo-Pak war of 1965 and 1971 and Kargil conflict of 1999.

“Future Lies in Technical Innovations in Training the Army Animals”

Dec 1779

Stud Department est in Bengal. Regulations for controlled breeding of animals and mounting of Imperial army were adopted.


Presidency Studs established.


Board of superintendence for improvement of cattle formed.


Indian Veterinary Department formed in Indian Civil Service from the Presidency Studs (established 1793).


Stud Dept was bifurcated to form the Horse Breeding Dept and Army Breeding Dept.


Army Remount Department formed at Saharanpur


Army Veterinary Department formed.

14 Dec 1920

Army Veterinary Corps (India) came into existence.14 Dec is now observed as Corps Day.


Army Veterinary Corps (India) re-designated as Indian Army Veterinary Corps.


Indianisation began.

15 Apr 1947

Indian Army Remount and Veterinary Corps formed by amalgamation of the Veterinary Corps and Remount Dept.

Aug 1947

Indian Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps formed at national partition by division of the assets and personnel of Indian Army Remount and Veterinary Corps and Military Farms Department. Assets and personnel divided in a theoretical 2:1 ratio between the Indian Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps and the Pakistan Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps (but most of the studs and hospitals were located in Pakistan).


Indian Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps renamed as Remount, Veterinary and Farms Corps

May 1960

Remount and Veterinary Corps and Military Farms Department separated as independent corps.

Jun 2007

Creation of Appointment of DG RVS in the rank of Lt Gen with upgradation of existing appointment of Dy DG RVS to Addl DG RVS at IHQ of MoD (Army).

29 May 1884 14 Dec 1920 01 Oct 1947 01 May 1960 11 Dec 2006

Operational History

In World War I, Veterinary Corps provided vet cover to animals employed in Palestine and Russia.The only weapon which was authorised for the Corps personnel was KHUKHRI.It was in World War II that normal weapons i.e. Rifles, Bayonets, Carbine Machines were authorised to the Corps and Vet personnel received training in battle inoculation in addition to technical training in their profession.

Personnel of the Corps have taken part in the following campaigns




Wana re-occupation.


Occupation of Razmak.


Narai operations.


Khajuri operations.


Peshawar District operations.


Frontier operations.


Chitral Garrison operations.


Khost Kurram operations.


Mohmand operations.


Waziristan operations.


World War II France, Middle East, Paiforce and Italy.


World War II in Burma and Assam.


J & K operations.


Naga Hills.


Goa operation.


Sino – Indian conflict (NEFA).


Indo – Pak conflict.


Indo – Pak conflict.


J & K operations (OP VIJAY).

Inscription at war memorial, Kohima World War - II

Corps Motto

In consonance with the duties and the role entrusted to it, the corps motto is ‘PASHU SEVA ASMAKAM DHARMA’ i.e ‘SERVICE TO ANIMALS IS OUR DUTY’.

Corps Flag

The corps flag consists of two horizontal strips of maroon over yellow with the RVC insignia inserted in middle, the maroon colour depicting the remounts and yellow for the Veterinary aspect.

Colour Presentation

In recognition of the yeoman’s service to the nation, the President of India presented colours to the corps on 21 Dec 1989.

Rare Photographs of an Introduction Parade at RVC Centre and College

The first batch (1953) of Short Service Commissioned Officers with Col KB Singh
R Daniel, CS Nayudu, SS Chopra, GS Perhar, SN Srivastava, E Parthasardhi, SS Gill, RKR Balasubramanium, JD Kathuria

Brisk start of the day with Mules for everyone in old days

“First Foot”
Col PL Negi who established the Stud steps off the train at Hempur

Camels as Military Transport
‘Ready to take off’

Maj Gen SN Srivastava, Addl DGRVS inspecting AT Operations at Zoji La