The Army Marksmanship Unit

Do not lament the death of a Warrior killed in the battlefield as those who sacrifice their lives in war are honoured in heaven.>

The Infantry School, apart from conducting courses of instruction, also conducts important events such as conferences, seminars and workshops. However, amongst the most important events organized by the School are the biennial Army Rifle Association Meets, (what is now known as.

the National Combat Forces Shooting Competition (NCFSC), the Young Blood Championship and the biennial Infantry Commanders’ Conferences.

The history of Army Rifle Association (India) dates back to over a hundred years, when it was known as the Bengal – Punjab Rifle Association’. A few civilians and military marksmen, under the name of ‘Northern India Rifle Association’ with the objective of ‘promoting and encouraging rifle shooting throughout India, ‘first formed it at Dehradun in 1863. In 1866, the venue of its annual meeting shifted to Meerut.

Called the ‘Army Rifle Association (India)’. The Association was placed in suspended animation during World War – II, but was revived in the year 1950. The aim of the Association is to generate interest in small arms shooting in the Armed Forces, as also to select talent for Army Marksmanship Unit with a view to achieve excellence in National and International Shooting Competitions. The Association is located at Mhow, in the premises of The Infantry School. An Executive Committee, under the Chairmanship of the Commandant, controls its activities. The Infantry School, along with the Army Commands, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Assam Rifles, Territorial Army, Border Security Force and Central Reserve Police Force are members of the Association. The Central Meets are held at Mhow in December / January biennially, under, the aegis of The Infantry School.

The 88 Carnatic Infantry Memorial Gold Cup was introduced in 1922 and was won for the first time by ¼ Hazara Pioneers. The Centre, Secunderabad, has won the Cup nine times, a record set up by any team so far. The ARA banner was introduced in 1953-54 and was won for the first time by the EME Centre. The Infantry School.