Indian Independence Medal 1947

Conditions of Eligibility and Eligible Categories


(a) All Indian Nationals and Nepalese Gurkhas, male or female, on the strength of units/for nations of the Indian Armed Forces on the 15 Aug 47. This includes officers, JCOs, IWOs, OR and NCs (E) and civilians in military employ who filled general service liability bonds and were on the authorized strength of a military unit/formation on the 15 Aug 47.

(b) All Ruling Princes of States who had acceded to the Dominion of India by the 1st Jan 1984 and members of such State Forces serving on the 15 Aug 47. This also includes civilians of State Forces who had filled general service liability bond and formed part of the authorized establishment of those forces on the 15 Aug 47.

(c) British Officers, WOs and OR male and female -


(i) Serving on the 2 Jan 48 with Armed Forces of the Dominion of India;

(ii) Serving on the 1 Jan 48 on the active list in Government House or in Central and Provincial Governments (in civil employment);

(iii) Who proceeded on leave before the 1 Jan 48 pending retirement but had volunteered and were serving with the Indian Forces between the 15 Aug 47 and the 1 Jan 48.


(d) British officers and Other Ranks of the Transport Squadron and Communication Flight, RAF who worked predominantly for the Dominion of Indian during the period of service in the Transport Squadron or Communication Flights from the 15 Aug 47.


Design of the Medal and Ribbon

Medal - Circular in shape and of cupro-nickel. The obverse will have the Imperial Crown and Ashoka’s Chakra surrounded by the Inscriptions “GEOGEIUS VI D:G. Britt: OMN:Red Fid,:” and on the reverse will be the representation of Ashoka’s three lions as depicted on Ashoka’s Pillar at Sarnath with the Inscriptions “Indian Independence” and 15th Aug 1947”.

Ribbon – Tricolour 1.25 inch in width; saffron, white and green in three equal vertical stripes.