AEC Training College Centre

Army Educational Corps Training College and Centre, Pachmarhi has its origin dating back to 24 Apr 1921 when on being sanctioned by Army HQ India, Army School of Education was established with two separate wings, namely, the British Wing at Wellington and the Indian Wing at Belgaum in 1924. General HQ India decided to amalgamate the two wings under one commandant in view of the economy drive of the government and to establish a centralized control over both wings of the school. Accordingly, the British Wing was moved from Wellington to Belgaum on 11 Nov 1924 to form the Army School of Education India, Belgaum . The schools got amalgamated under one commandant in 1931. The orders were issued for final integration of both the wings of the Army School of Education; thus in Oct 1931 both the wings i.e. the British and Indian wings were combined.

Another historical development took place in Oct 1939 when the Army School of Education India moved from Belgaum to Pachmarhi to cope with the war time education and the release period education schemes during and after World War-II. With India getting Independence in 1947, the Army School of Education, India, was redesignated as Army School of Education, Pachmarhi. Army Educational Corps Records office was established in the same year as part of the school. The school was again redesignated as AEC Centre and School, Pachmarhi in 1949. AEC Centre and School was redesignated as AEC Training College and Centre after it was affiliated to Dr. Hari Singh Gaur Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar, in 1961. This affiliation marked the introduction of degree courses - Bachelor of Education in 1961, Bachelor of Library Science in 1962, later renamed as Bachelor of Library and Info Science in 1981, and Diploma in Audio-visual and fundamental education in 1962, later upgraded to a degree course named as Bachelor of Education Technology. On 26 May 1985, the College attained the status of an Autonomous College under the same university. The autonomy was initially granted for a period of three years up to 1988 and later extended from time to time. As per the policy of the Government of MP, the jurisdiction of University of MP was restructured on geographical proximity and thus wef 1995, this autonomous college was affiliated to Barkatullah Universities, Bhopal.