Brief History

  • Consequent to national emergency in 1962 a requirement was felt to give pre-commission Signal training to cadets from the Indian Military School (now IMA). Thus an additional `cadets’ wing came into existence in Feb 63 as an affiliate to Tactical Wing. It was later called YOs Wing
  • On 1 Oct 1967 the School was redesignated as Military College of Telecommunication Engineering and Tactical and Technical Wings became Faculty of Combat Communications Engineering (FCC) and Faculty of Communication Engineering (FCE) respectively. Graduation from School to College in 1967 also saw addition of Technical Maintenance and Training Aid Wing and the Equipment and QM Wing. With the advent of computers, the Faculty of Computer Technology and Systems was added in Feb 1971. EMC/EMI cell was established in 1980 as part of the prestigious project of the Department of Electronics. This cell was then expanded and on 19 Jun 1986 it became Army EMC Agency, a separate establishment which is now Army Centre for Electromagnetics (ACE) wef 1 Jan 97. Establishment of the Cadets Training Wing on 10 Jul 2000, heralded the dawn of another era in the History of MCTE.