Future Road Map

The esteemed RV Corps has set professional landmarks during the recent years. It is witnessing critical phase of its prospective history. The Corps has immense potential to achieve many more horizons. It has a ‘mission’ of high professional competence in all disciplines of veterinary of Army’s significance including animal health, productivity, disease diagnosis, animal nutrition, fodder production, veterinary public health by working on ‘one health initiative’ with medical fraternity for ensuring health of troops, capability development of RV units through modernization in technology, instrumentation, its training and application at par with global standards. There is a need to expand or develop additional infrastructure to meet requirement of additional animals and futuristic requirements under 12th Five Year Plan. Exploitation of capabilities of local animals and their inclusion as Army animals for respective region is also being evaluated. The OIE accreditation of Central Military Veterinary Laboratory will be achieved in phased manner for which action has been initiated. Efforts are also in full force to get India placed in European Union’s sanitary group to facilitate easy movement of Indian horses across the border for participation in international events and their training in Europe. Towards this, a world class Equestrian Quarantine Station is being established at Meerut.

The training of equines has been revised at par with international standards. This is being further upgraded through intensive new training infrastructure and coaches. The Corps is also committed to equestrian development, provide high quality fully trained participating horses to Army riders. Towards this, efforts are in hand to import excellent trained horses to meet immediate requirements as well as world class breeding stock from European studs for producing future prospective rides.

Similarly, the improvement in quality of canine stock is on the anvil alongwith introduction of new training aids, development of new discipline like assault training, enhanced training and capability development of Army Dog Trainers at home and abroad. The action has already been initiated for infusion of new germplasm for canine breeding stock. The technology for cryo preservation of quality semen from proven Studs has been standardized and will further be developed.

The Corps is also committed to tri services support as the veterinary services are not available with Indian Navy and Indian Air Force. The RVC officers are already doing extremely well in Indian Navy.

Above all, the development of quality human resource through high man management acumen for officers, JCOs, ORs and civilians, meeting their esteem, aspirations and organizational interests through an organized humane approach will be the main thrust in future. I am sanguine that more dynamism and vitality will be infused in the Corps in the years to follow.