The main objectives of the AOC Regimental Association are to forge and maintain close ties between all retired and serving members of the Corps, to look after the welfare of the members of the Corps and their dependants, to foster esprit-de-Corps, to assist AOC ex-servicemen in their rehabilitation by finding avenues of employment and to provide relief to the members and their immediate dependants by extending financial assistance.
The activities of AOC Regimental Association are governed by a “Governing Body”, which is a General Committee of trustees and nominated members. A set of committees has been instituted to assist the Governing Body in framing of the policies and procedures concerning areas such as welfare measures, financial management, customs and traditions of the Corps, promotion of sports and adventure, public relations and others such like regimental activities. The Executive Committee oversees the functioning of all other committees.

For the benefit of retired Ordnance fraternity, ORDRETD@googlegroups.com is being maintained, which is a common platform for sharing news, views, thoughts and feedback amongst the Ordnance fraternity. Alternatively, email id  ithubord@nic.in can also be used.