Ser No Army Order No Subject
1. 1/2009/MS Nominations of Offrs on the HCC, HDMC, HACC and NHCC (Amdt No 1 to AO 8/2008/MS)
2. 2/2009/MT Tank Technology Course (Supersedes SAO 9/S/82)
3. 3/2009/MT Med Cat for Courses of Instructions (Amdt No 1 to SAO 3/S/2006/MT)
4. 4/2009/DV Delegation of Disciplinary Powers to Commandants/Deputy Director Generals NCC Under Sec 83 of Army Act 1950.(Supersedes AO 173/79-69/82-39/84-87/85-20/87 & 28/27).
5. 5/2009/DV Service Persons Appearing Before Commissions of Enquiry to Give Evidence (Supersedes AO 174/77)
6. 6/2009/DV Discp : Hearing of a Charge by the Commanding Officers.(Supersedes AO 24/94)
7. 7/2009/MP Regarding : Identity Card JCOs/WOs and OR(Amdt No 1 to AO 12/2000)
8. 8/2009/IT Automation in the Army – Charter of Duties (Supersedes AO 13/92)
9. 9/2009/MP Selection and Posting of Combatant Secretarial Staff and Office Orderlies cum Drivers for Our Misson Abroad.(Amdt No 3 to AO 26/2001)
10. 10/2009/ST Introduction of Badge for the Air Dispatch Personnel.(Supersedes AO 197/97)
11. 11/2009/PS Wearing of Badges of Ranks (Offrs) : Col by Time Scale (TS).(Amdt No 1 to AO 9/2005/PS)
12. 12/2009/MT Promotion Test – NCOs (Supersedes AO 45/80)
13. 13/2009/Med Re-designation of No 1 Tech Trg Bn and No 2 Tech Trg Bn of AMC Centre and School Lucknow and their Commanding Officers.
14. 14/2009/Med Re-designation of 60 Parachute Fd Ambulance as 60 Para Fd hospitals.
15. 15/2009/MT New Annual Range Course (Supersession SAO 12/S/85)
16. 16/2009/Med Re-designation of AMC Centre and Schools as AMC Centre and College.

Note : SAO published in 2009 – Nil. In case the above Army Order are not recd by you demand your entitlement vide AO 32/2002/MP.