Faculties and Wings


During the last six decades, the College has undergone tremendous all round growth. The College has embraced modern technology, be it in the spheres of education, Combat Engineering, Construction Technology or war fighting assets. To cater for the diversifying needs of modern Army, the College has seen the birth of modern contemporary institutions such as Information Technology Wing, Cadets Training Wing & Defence Institute of Geospatial Information & Training to name a few. In the recent past, a major impetus has been provided to training infrastructure at the College. Two new faculties - Faculty of Construction Management and Faculty of Highway Engineering have commenced in CME to impart training to Military Engineering Services (MES) and Border Roads Organisation (BRO) personnel. Today we conduct approx 130 courses for officers & JCOs/OR per year.


Faculty of Combat Engineering. Newly commissioned officers receive their baptism here to become effective Combat Engineers. Package courses in Combat Engineering, Bomb & Improvised Explosive Device Disposal & Strategic Camouflage are also conducted for all ranks of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Para Military Forces & Police.


Faculty of Civil Engineering. This Faculty conducts Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) Course for the officers of Indian Army and FFCs. Besides Master of Technology (M Tech) Courses have also commenced wef Jul 2015. The Faculty also trains in the field of Survey and Geographical Info Sys (GIS).


Faculty of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. B Tech and M Tech in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering disciplines are conducted at this Faculty. Signals and EME officers also attend first part of their B Tech Courses at this Faculty. Package Courses on Earth Moving Plant and Construction Plant, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and Machinist Courses pertaining to works Services are also conducted here.


Faculty of Construction Management. This Faculty conducts a number of induction, refresher and upgradation courses for MES officers. Diploma courses in Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering and Architecture Assistantship for the subordinate cadres of Corps of Engineers are also conducted in this Faculty.


Faculty of Highway Engineering. Faculty of Highway Engineering serves as the nodal training centre to impart training to officers and subordinates of Corps of Engineers and General Reserve Engineer Force (GREF) in the field of Highway Engineering & conducts refresher and upgradation courses.


Information Technology (IT) Wing. IT Wing at CME is responsible for the IT development and implementation of IT Road Map encompassing all related improvements / projects to enhance the knowledge of students and staff. It has the onus and responsibility to understand the requirements of the College so as to e-enable all the entities to leverage various methodologies for bringing in more efficient training, thus raising the bar of training standards.


Soil Engineering & Material Testing (SEMT) Wing. The Wing carries out sub-soil investigations and research works in the field and laboratory tests on soil / rock samples to enable development of design of pavement for roads, airfields and for structures with an aim to suggest modifications in existing techniques.


Cadets Training Wing. This Wing trains Gentlemen cadets who join the Indian Army under the 10 + 2 Technical Entry Scheme. The trainees undergo three years training as GCs and one year as officers to complete their B Tech Degree.


Defence Institute of Geospatial Information and Training (DIGIT). DIGIT provides all aspects of GIS training to officers and subordinates of the Indian Army. The establishment is soon to be merged with the Survey School to form the Faculty of Geospatial Sciences.