Infantry School

Do not lament the death of a Warrior killed in the battlefield as those who sacrifice their lives in war are honoured in heaven.>

The Infantry School is the alma mater of infantry, the largest and most potent combat arm of Indian Army. The School has had a meteoric rise from a humble training establishment to a prime institution. The School’s name and location changed a number of times, till it finally established itself in Mhow on 01 April 1948.


Today, The Infantry School has not only acquired a prime status in India, but also ranks amongst the top training institutions in the world. It is well known for harnessing vibrant energy and in honing the physical and mental capabilities of the youth in uniform.


It is also well known for crafting individual character into a sterling mould, thereby generating leadership, and in the process expanding horizons, both national and global. The School runs time tested, scientifically evolved training courses, under a team of highly qualified instructors, in all infantry related subjects. Enhancing academic and military education with


practical training, so crucial to the man in uniform, remains its prime objective.


The Infantry School has its Headquarters and substantial training facilities at Mhow. It also has a Junior Leaders’ Wing at Belgaum and a recently set up Non Commissioned Officers’ Academy at Binaguri, in West Bengal. Click to see the locations on map.


The Infantry School is the repository of infantry’s tactical doctrines, drills, procedures and skill at arms. Through its vast assets, it is systematically grooming junior leaders to enable them to handle various combat situations in professional manner. All Indian infantry officers receive their first institutionalised training at this School.


The School trains more than 7,500 personnel annually, and some of its alumni have risen to the highest ranks in India and abroad. More than thirty countries have been sending their personnel to the Infantry School for training. The Infantry School is unique and the Indian infantry owes a lot to this institution and is justly proud of it.


This web site endeavours to showcase the Infantry School in its entirety by highlighting the yeoman service rendered by it in grooming the cutting edge leadership of Indian infantry.