Personality Development Program

1. The PDP is conducted at AEC Trg College and Centre, Pachmarhi.

2. The aim of the course is to :-

(a) Carryout all round personality devp in respect of service entry probable prior to their facing the SSB.

(b) Orient and prepare service entry probable for the SSB, and thereby enhance success rates to offset growing offrs shortage in the Army.

3. Instructional Objectives. By the end of the course, a trainee will be able to :

(a) Organise his thoughts in a logical sequence and express himself systematically in a convincing manner with confidence before an audience.

(b) Acquire an authentic self-concept thereby to identifying his weakness and strong points and working towards overcoming his weakness while reinforcing his strong points.

(c) Upgrade his general awareness to acquire a well informed understanding of all matters of general and current interest in the national and international arena.

(d) Acquire confidence in the use of reasoning and organizing ability in the planning and conduct of elementary outdoor tasks and exercises.

(e) Build confidence in facing SSB related tasks.  

4. Scope. The scope of the course covers the following areas :-

  (a) Development of communication skills.

(b) Psychological inputs and interaction.

(c) Practical and outdoor trg.

(d) Service ethos, etiquette and social graces.

(e) General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

(f) Orientation to SSB.

(g) Guidance and Counseling.

5. Organisation

(a) Duration - 12 weeks
(b) Capacity - 200 (Vacancies allotted to all arms and services vide
Integrated HQ MoD (Army) (MT-14) letter No A/80046/GS/MT-14 dt 23 Feb 2004).
(c) Criteria-Fresh candidates only. (Those who have faced SSB or attended
similar pgme earlier will not attend this pgme).
(d) QR – As per Integrated HQ MoD (Army)/MP-2 letter No.08154/Intake/MP-2 dt
17 ME 2003).