An arms museum is established by the Indian Army at Srinagar to display arms, ammunition and other warlike material captured from Pakistan sponsored terrorists. The Museum is established in two heritage buildings constructed by Maharaja Hari Singh, the erstwhile ruler of Jammu &Kashmir inside the Badami Bagh Cantonment. The buildings had earlier housed the Maharaja’s personal bodyguards and its 'Shastra Ghar' (Armoury).

Over the years. the concept of display has evolved from mere layout of captured weapons and warlike material to placing terrorism in context of the land and its people, aspects of the heritage, culture and history of the people and the Army's efforts to improve their lives and habitat in synergy with the civil administration. The museum is meant for the education and enlightenment of the Awaam, media, tourists and visitors to the Valley including foreign delegations, and not the least, our brave soldiers. The Museum is a brilliant and prescient exposition on Kashmiri culture, its heritage. Kashmiriyat, the brave people of Jammu and Kashmir, their sufferings and the selfless contribution of the country's Armed Forces and Awaam to bring peace to this paradise on Earth. Individuals or groups desirous of visiting the Memorial may contact us at ncmediacell[at]gmail[dot]com .