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Ladakh Scouts Regiment
LADAKH SCOUTS were bestowed upon it the status of a regiment with its own centre and Battalions on 01 June 2000.

Soon after independence, in 1948, in order to save Ladakh from the intruders from across the border, the 'Nubra Guards' were formed out of the local ladakhi warriors. In 1952, they formed the erstwhile 7th Bn J&K Militia. 14th Bn J&K Militia was subsequently raised in 1959 at Srinagar. Both these Bns fought valiantly against the Chinese.

On 1st Jun 1963, LADAKH SCOUTS  was raised by the merger of 7th & 14th Bns J&K Militia. During 1971 Indo-Pak war the LADAKH SCOUTS launched a brilliant attack in Northern sector and go our Battle honour "TURTUK" for the excellent performance. The period from 1982 to 1985 witnessed the reorganization of the LADAKH SCOUTS

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