1.   Before the Indian Military Academy, Dehradun began providing Indian Commissioned Officers in 1934, officers who came into the Corps of Engineers after training at the Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, were given instruction in Military Engineering at the School of Military Engineering, Chatham and attended a Mechanical Science Course at Cambridge University. 
2.   As the requirement of Engineer Officers increased during World War - II, Officer Cadets Training Units were established at the three Engineer Centres at Bangalore, Roorkee and Kirkee, where cadets were given military as well as field engineering training to prepare them for service in engineer units. 
3.   After World War-II, it became evident that some form of centralised training of Officers and Other Ranks of the Corps was essential and that pre-war make-shift arrangements could no longer be accepted. Therefore, it became necessary to find a home for the School of Military Engineering. The School started functioning in Thomson College, Roorkee during November 1943. To cater for its expansion and after careful consideration, the present site at Pune (Dapodi) was selected. By end of 1947, the School of Military Engineering started moving from Roorkee to its new location at Pune and completed the move by the middle of 1948. 
4.   In November 1951, in view of the increased responsibilities and training facilities provided, it was decided to change the name of the School to "College of Military Engineering". This was also in keeping with the higher status of the Degree Engineering Courses run by the School and recognition by the Institution of Engineers (India). Work on permanent construction commenced in 1948 and most of the accommodation was completed by 1958. Rapid expansion of the College took place after 1963 to cater for the increased intake necessitated by the expansion of the Army. 
5.   The College has since grown in academic stature, in terms of infrastructure development for the administration of student officers, their comfort & amenities as well as in the sports facilities within the campus. The Cadets Training Wing, a pre commission training Institute was established within the campus in the Year 2000. Today it has carved a niche for itself & produces professionally outstanding & smart technocrats who joing the Corps of Engineers & other Arms/Services. Permanent structures have been constructed for the new academic faculties & wings. The construction of a eight lane rowing channel with limited budget was an Engineering feat of sorts. Today this institution is rated as one of the best amongst the Army Establishments.