The South Western Command was formally raised on 15 April 2005 and Operationalised on 15 August 2005 at ‘Gothic Lines’ at Jaipur Military Station, with the customary Raising Ceremony and hoisting of the Command Flag by the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief.







Seven Point Star

The Command insignia depicts the core aspects of the essence. A silver streak, symbolising strike action, Command and Information Warfare superimposed with a seven pointed star, heralding the Seventh Command and with it, assured victory.

The formation sign symbolises the following:-

  • Synergetic employment of all Arms & Services across the entire spectrum of conflict in an NBC backdrop.

  • Jointmanship, Interdependence, Interoperability and Compatibility between the Services - A key battle winning factor.

  • Proactive, integrated, synergised and information warfare centre function in combat.