Northern Command is renowned as “The Operational Command” of the Indian Army. Deployed in the State of J&K, the Command is responsible to guard about 1896 Kms of our disputed borders with China and Pakistan, including the Line of Actual Control (LAC), Actual Ground Position Line (AGPL), Line of Control (LC), as well as the International Border. The Theatre has the unique distinction of having been “in war” in every major conflict of Post-Independence India: 1947-48 Operations, 1962 Conflict with China, the 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak Wars and the Kargil Operation of 1999. The last 20 years has seen the Command embroiled in the ongoing proxy war. Hence, the Command logo “Always in Combat”.

The Command has varied terrain conditions represented by the most arduous terrain found in the sub-continent: thickly forested mountains, high altitude deserts, rugged mountains and glaciers. Siachen, the world’s highest battlefield and defended posts are also held by the valiant troops of Northern Command.

Snowfall during winter is heavy and forward areas are prone to frequent avalanches. The Command has long and tenuous lines of communication. Several forward areas remain cut off for five to six months due to the closure of passes during winter and, consequently, a large number of formations have to be air-maintained.

The Northern Army naturally fosters a spirit of resilience, high-order professionalism and an indomitable spirit to prevail amongst all ranks that together constitute the Indian Army. They would continue to defeat the evil designs of Pak abetted terrorism & other subversive forces in J&K.

The victory has neither been swift nor painless, but at the cost of a large number of valiant lives lost over blood-soaked mountains that stand as silent memorials to their supreme sacrifice.

The Northern Army has also earned the reputation of a “People’s Army”. All ops are undertaken without inconvenience to the people. It has undertaken numerous rescue and relief operations to provide succor to people affected by natural disasters incl floods & earthquake. The assistance provided by troops of the Command during Operation RAHAT launched after the Snow Tsunami of Feb 2005, Operation IMDAD after the devastating earthquake in October 2005, Operation CLOUDBURST launched in the aftermath of the flashfloods which washed away major parts of Leh in September 2006 and Op Megh Rahat during floods in Sep 2014 are noteworthy. Numerous operations of smaller scale launched by troops on ground have resulted in saving precious lives of locals during adverse weather conditions every year.