AEC Association

1. The constitution of AEC Association was approved by the Govt of India, Ministry of Defence vide their letter No 86585/GS/MT-15(c)/2-4/GS(GS-II) dt 02 Mar 1993. It was formally inaugurated on 07 Oct 1993. It has been registered under the MP Govt, Societies Registration Act 1973 Ser 44 on 23 Sep 94.

2. The main objectives of the Association are :-

(a) Opening and running of schools/educational institutions.


(b) To organize and conduct educational tours for the members and their dependents.


(c) To provide news letters to retired member JCOs and NCOs free of cost.


(d) To provide living accn to members at Pachmarhi.


(e) To safeguard interest of the next of kin of the deceased members by providing all possible assistance in the form of free education where warranted and help in acquiring employment.


(f) To look after the general welfare of the members through the resources available with the Association.


(g) To foster close association and links between the serving and retired members of the Corps.


(h) To encourage spirit-de-corps and to offer all help necessary for maintaining regular contacts amongst the members.

(j) To look after the interest of the members after retirement for Army and to help them in planning their finances and housing for a happy superannuation.

Membership Fee

3. Membership of the Association will be voluntary for life and open to all AEC personnel, serving as well as retired. All those desirous of becoming members of the Association will have to apply to the Government body along with the life membership subscription mentioned below :-

Ser No Category Amount

(a) Officers                        1000.00

(b) JCOs/NCOs                  500.00