Dare Devils

The Corps of Signals Motor Cycle Rider Display Team popularly known as “THE DARE DEVILS” consists of volunteer dispatch riders who are not only proficient in their trade but also possess self-determination, mental alertness, unmatched courage, physical stamina and precision in handling of motor cycles. Precision to the split of a second that has the spectators missing their heart beats is the kind of stunts what THE DARE DEVILS perform. The team is also known for its unmatched & scintillating human formations on bikes.

Over the years the team has performed in the prestigious events such as Army Day Parade, Republic Day Parade, Asiad, SAF games, AFRO Asian games, National Games and prestigious Army institutions in various cantonments.

The team members have extraordinary talents which involve high degree of risks. Their display by breathtaking acrobatics with skill and extreme sense of devotion to duty is one of the major factors contributing to earn laurels for the Corps of Signals. The team gave a thrilling show at Calcutta Maidan on 13 Dec 1986 where Naib Subedar Hanuman Singh Arya laid down his life in the highest tradition of service. Nevertheless the urge to do something daring has always been in the minds of the team members.

The team comprises of 01 Officer and 36 Other Ranks. Capt Rahul Saini is presently leading this unique team. A large number of volunteers express their desire to join this elite team. Its only after they undergo probation for three months successfully, that they can be inducted into the team.

The Dare Devils has a history of creating World Records. Few milestones which have got the recognition of the GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS are :-

  • 40 men on 07 Motorcycles in 1991.

  • 81 men on 09 Motorcycles in 1994.

  • 140 men on 11 Motorcycles in 1996.

  • 201 men on 10 Motorcycles in 2001.

  • The other records which Limca Book Records have also recognized is the pyramid of 25 men on 03 bikes, traveling a distance of 01 km in 87.

  • Fifth Limca World Record was made at Jabalpur on 11 Jun 08 with 251 men on 11 motorcycles covering a distance of 240 mtrs. This record breaking event was conducted in a fair manner in front of large No of civil and military dignitaries.

Recently four Limca World Records were successfully created by the Dare Devils lead by Capt Jitender Siwach between 09 Aug and 13 Aug 2009. The details are as under:-

  • Longest rider atop a Ladder on a Motorcycle in2009. Capt Jitender Siwach rode for 09 hrs 4 min on a motorcycle standing on top of a 15 feet 4 inch ladder fixed on it. He controlled the motorcycle from the top of the ladder without even touching the handle bar. The event was conducted at Cobra Ground, Jabalpur on 09 Aug 09.
  • Longest Hands Free Standing Motorcycle Rider in 2009. The Officer Commanding ‘DARE DEVILS’ Captain Jitender Siwach has broken one more World Record on the morning of 12th Aug 09. He established a new world Record of “ Longest hands free standing motorcycle rider”by riding a motorcycle standing on its seat, without touching the handle bar and covering a total distance of 25000 mtrs in 23 min 56 sec on Jabalpur - Patan Road.
  • Fastest Human Pyramid in 2009. The Dare Devils broke the World Record of “Fastest Human Pyramid” by making a Human Pyramid of 28 men on three motorcycles without using any belts, harnesses or any supporting equipment’s and covering one kilo meter in 01 min 06 sec at Ridge Road, Jabalpur Cantt on 12 Aug 09.
  • Bikes Over the Stomach in 2009. Motorcycle ran over the stomach of Capt Jitender Siwach more than 1026 times in 15 minutes on 13 Aug 2009.
  • Longest continuous hands free ride standing on seat of motorcycle in a zig-zag track in 2013. The record created by Capt Abhijit Mehlawat at 1 STC. He covered a total distance of 16 Kms.
  • Fastest distance (One Km) covered by human pyramid (ten men) on two motorcycles. The record created by ten men on two motorcycles in 54 sec.
  • Fastest distance (One Km) covered by human pyramid (30 men) on three motorcycles w/o any safety eqpt. The record created was by 30 men on three motorcycles in one min.