Northern Command is an operational command of Indian Army engaged in Counter Insurgency & Counter Terrorism operations in Jammu and Kashmir. Towards meeting our specific requirements of weapon systems, equipment and platforms through both as Commercial Off-The-Shelf equipment as well as through mission mode R&D, we are looking to engage with the Defence Industry (private sectors & DPSUs), R&D Organisations viz, DRDO, Academia & Universities, who can be value partner in development, fabrication and induction of technologically advanced systems to meet the needs of the Northern Command Theatre through the ACSFP route.

The objective of this web interface is to acquaint, orient and assist interested vendors to register for North Tech 2017.

Apart from engaging with our partners throughout the year, we also encourage engagement and display of the products in a symposium called “North Tech Symposium”, organized each year. North Tech Symposium is an ideal platform for the industry, to showcase their projects and technologies and interface with the field Army to orient themselves at their products towards our specific operational requirements. Officers and men of Northern Command, on the other hand enhance their technology thresholds and applications of technology available for conduct of efficient and smooth operation.



• Provide a common platform to strengthen Army-Industry partnership.

• North Tech Symposium is an annual technology showcase event organised to provide a common platform for knowledge diffusion on contemporary Military technologies available globally, with an endeavor to explore the possible avenues of procurement out of ACSFP funds besides providing the needs of formations/units in Northern Command.

• To create an effective eco system for promoting an environment for knowledge diffusion on contemporary defense technologies and products available globally incl indigenous manufacture.