In a unique initiative aimed at recognizing and awarding innovation among youth, the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, presented Certificates of Excellence to eight young innovative officers of the Indian Army. The certificates were presented to the officers for unique innovations done by these officers, in areas such as reconnaissance, monitoring and greater facilitation for soldiers in combat conditions.

The certificates were presented by the Prime Minister, to these innovators during the “at-home function” at the residence of the Chief of Army Staff, on the occasion of Army Day. The Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar was also present. The innovators also explained their work to the Prime Minister, through working models and exhibits, in the presence of the Chief of Army Staff. This is the first time that such efforts on the part of Army officers have been recognized at this highest level.




Real Time Tracking System for Mobile Patrols. Once soldiers move out for patrolling, there may be a need to automatically know the exact position of the patrols. A module has been designed, which integrates the GPS and radio set STARS V and transmits the GPS signals. This data is received at the control station and displayed on screen in real time basis. It provides enhanced situational awareness and enables post operation analysis to be carried out at higher headquarters.


Innovator. IC-75630F Maj Ajay Rathore was commissioned in Regt of Artillery on 11 Jun 2011. The officer is B Tech in IT and Telecom from Military College of Tele Communication and Engineering, Mhow. He is presently serving in J & K Sector. He has developed Real Time Tracking System for Mobile Patrols.

System for Monitoring Serviceability of Electrical Transformers. A need was felt to develop a system to carry out real time remote monitoring of health of the electrical transformers through Wi-Fi, so as to avoid interruption of power supply, maximizing component life by avoiding the conditions that reduce equipment life and minimizing repair costs. Parameters like voltage, current, power factor, temperature are closely monitored through various sensors.


Innovator.  SS 43712W Capt Vivek Chaudhary is B.Sc qualified and was commissioned in 2009. He has completed B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and from Mil College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. He has developed system for Monitoring Serviceability of Electrical Transformers.

Unmmanned Ground Logistics Delivery System. A need was felt to develop a robot which could provide logistics delivery capability during operations, thereby minimizing risk to life. The multi terrain robot s operated through voice command given by the user wirelessly, which is capable of detecting obstacles in its way using an ultrasonic sensor, sending its own position using GPS and also carries out surveillance using live video feed. This system makes use of Zigbee technology.


Innovator.  IC-71813A Capt Nitish Kumar Singh was commissioned on 12 Dec 2009. He is a B.Sc Graduate and is pursuing B Tech Course from Mil College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering. He is a certified ethical hacker from EC-Council (USA). He is associated with the field of robotics since the last two years. He has served in J & K Sector. The officer has developed Unmanned Ground Logistics Delivery System.


Monitoring System for Armoured (Tank) Formations During Operations. The system shall display the current location, on digital maps, of all forward Gun tanks in Combat Team / Combat Group / Combat Command right up till Corps Headquarter. It is required for augmenting the real time Battle-field awareness system. It consists of three major components namely GPS receiver chip, secure wireless link and monitoring station.


Innovator.  IC-71702H Maj Seemala Vijay Kumar was commissioned on 13 Jun 2009. He is a B Tech in Electronics and Tele-communications and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. The officer has served in active Sectors of J & K. The officer is presently posted as Instructor in Mil College of Electronics and Mechanical Engineering and has developed Monitoring System for Armd Fmn during Operations.

Remotely Controlled Reconnaissance Vehicle. In order to avoid risk to human life in the Counter Insurgency environment, a need was felt to fabricate a remotely operated vehicle for carrying out reconnaissance of the desired area of operation. It is controlled through the movement of the hand of the operation, thereby providing greater flexibility in operation of the vehicle. Live feed of the camera is transmitted back to the surveillance station and is displayed on screen.


Innovator.  IC 78725M Lt Ashwin Nagpal is B Tech (Electronics) and was commissioned on 14 Dec 2014. During his training at Cadet Training Wing (CTW), he has been awarded Gold Medal for standing first in overall merit. He was awarded Tech Silver Medal from Honorable Defence Minister for topping amongst all three CTWs. His project in robotics was awarded best project in Electronics Engg stream by Jawahar Lal Nehru University. The officer has developed Remotely Controlled Reconnaissance Vehicle.

Indigenisation of Day and Night Camera with Unattended Ground Sensor. In order to improve the overall situational awareness on the Line of Control, the Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) has been integrated with a day / night surveillance camera. The day / night camera is actuated on generation of a signal from the sensor and live video feed is transmitted to surveillance post leading to real time verification of enemy intrusion.


Innovator.  No 1467067X HMT V K Sharma was enrolled in Army on 02 Jan 2002. He has completed his education till intermediate level. He has been associated with Radars of Air Defence Regts of Army. He has a vast experience of serving in the Northern Sector where he associated himself with repairing and maintenance of Unattended Ground Sensor system and on Integration of Day Night Camera with Unattended Ground Sensor System.

Indigenised Sub Systems for Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System (LORROS). LORROS is a sensor system which provides long-range day-time and night-time surveillance. It has been found to be very effective in countering infiltration. A number of LORROS were getting out of action due to non-availability of Protocol Converter Card being ex-import and having long lead time. These cards were indigenously developed by Army Technology Centre at a fraction of the cost resulting in increased availability of LORROS to the field formations.


Innovator. JC-758388N Nb/Sub M/Tech Girish Chandra Joshi was enrolled in Army in 1987. He has completed his education till intermediate level. He has obtained invaluable experience by serving in all the Sectors of Indian Army. The JCO is actively involved in developing Indigenized Sub-systems for Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System.



Indigenisation of Components of 155mm Bofors Artillery Gun. JC 761885H Sub Arjun Kumar Jha was enrolled in Army on 27 Apr 1991. He has completed his education till intermediate level. He has served in active field areas of Northern and Eastern Sectors. He has been associated with BOFORS gun since past 10 years. He is presently an instructor in Electronics and Mechanical Engineering School, Baroda. He is associated with Indigenisation of Components of 155mm Bofors Artillery Gun.