Veterans Corner

Ser No

Letter No and date


1. GOI, MoD letter No A/49601/AG/PS4(e) /3363/B/D(Pension/Services) dated 29 Aug 1987 . Grant of family pension for life to handicapped children of armed forces personnel.
2. GOI, MoD, Dte Gen Resettlement letter No2705/POL/DGR/Emp-3 dated 22 May 1998. Employment assistance on compassionate grounds.
3. IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No A/20105/MP 8 (I of R) (a) dated 28 Aug 2002. Publication of personnel occurrences in Part II Orders : JCOs/OR .
4. GOI, MoD letter No 98448/Policy (Qtr)/3343/ D(Q&C) dated 24 Sep 2002 . Retention of Government accommodation after retirement in respect of JCOs/OR.
5. IHQ of MoD (Army) Ceremonial & Welfare Dte letter No B/44601/AG/CW-3 dated 29 Aug 2003 . Award of Educational Scholarship to children Armed Force personnel below officer Rank killed/ Missing/ Permanently disabled in Action-Studying in various educational institutes.
6. GOI, MoD, Kendriya Sainik Borad letter No 192/ F-11/G/17/KSB/C dated 18 Mar 2005 . MBBS/Dental/Engg Seats reserved for wards of defence personnel as Central Government nominee through Kendriya Sainik Board, Ministry of Defence.
7. IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No B/38207/29/AG/PS -5 dated 29 Dec 2005 . Grant of family pension for life to handicapped children of armed forces personnel.
8. IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No B/33143/AG/PS-2(c)dated 14 Jul 2006 . Grant of ex-servicemen status to recruits boarded out on medical grounds with disability pension.
9. MoD I D No 608/I/2006/D (Res) dated 29 Aug 2006 . Ex-servicemen as ‘Armed Forces veterans’ in English and ‘ Poorva Senani in Hindi
10. IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No B/87079/AG/PM-5 dated 08 Nov 2006 . Ex-gratia disability allowance to severely handicapped and disabled officers and JCOs/OR who are invalided out with 100 percent disability and provided constant attendant allowance (CAA) .
11. Mod I.D No 6(1)/2005/Edn/II/D(Res) dated 12 May 2006 received through IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No A/20306/MP 8 (I of R) (A) dated 19 Dec 2006. Educational Concession to children of Army Personnel killed in 1962, 1965, 1971 conflicts, including all on going CI Ops.
12. GOI, Min of Home Affairs, Dte Gen Sashastra Seema Bal letter No 4/1/06/SSB/EB-III (BM)/314 dated 19 Jan 2007 . Re-employment in Sashstra Seema bal.
13. IHQ of Mod (Army), Rte Dte letter No 62502/Rtg 5 (OR) (A) dated 16 Jan 2007 . Change in Recruitment Policy of OR into DSC.
14. IHQ of MoD (Army) Dy Dte Gen of DSC letter No A/65875/DSC-1 dated 05 Feb 2007. Policy-Lateral Entry Scheme JCOs.
15. GOI, MoD, Kendriya Sainik Board 2(2)/Misc/ KSB/A dated 08 Dec 2006 received through IHQ of MoD(Army) letter No A/20037/MP 8 (I of R) (A) dated 28 Feb 2007 . Financial Assistance out of Raksha Mantri’s Discretionary Fund.
16. GOI, Cabinet Secretariat letter No 2/1/2003 -Pers. 9-12643 dated Nil recd through IHQ of MoD (Army) Deputation/re-employment of defence personnel in the cabinet secretariat as field officers (GD) in the pay scale of Rs 6500-200-10500.
17. IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No 62527/Rtg 5 (OR) (A) dated 30 Jan 2008 . Verification of Relationship and establishing authentication of date of birth.
18. DGAFMS letter No 16307/ECHS/Gen/DGAFMS/ DG-3A dated 21 Nov 2007 and Central Organisation ECHS Note No B/49718-Pub/ AG/ dated14 Mar 2008 received through IHQ of MoD (Army) letter No A/20031/MP8 (I of R) (a) dated 28 Mar 2008. Extension of ECHS Membership.

Grant of Family Pension For Life to Handicapped Children of Armed Forces Personnel

Govt letter No. PC MF-Air HQ/24229/283/-FPHC/PP&R-3(i)/582/A/D(Pen/Sers) dated 29 Nov 2005 issued has made the following provisions :-

(a)    Medical officer of rank of Brig/above shall be competent to render the certificate required
(b)    Guardian shall be nominated by the pensioner instead of a court of Law. In case no such
  nomination has been made by pensioner in his life time the nomination shall be made by
  spouse of the deceased personnel
(c)   The name of handicapped child shall be indicated in the PPO to be issued for grant of
  Service Pension/Family Pension.

Education Scholarship
 Ser No Details Physical Casualty
(In Rs)
(a) Class I to VIII   4,000/-  R&W Section, CW  Directorate
 Contact No.– 23018338


(b) Class IX to XII   5,000/-
(c) Graduation   10,000/-
(d) Post Graduation   15,000/-
(e) Professional (incl Battle Casualties)   Tuition Fee + 5,000/-
  (Max 25,000/-)

Ex-Gratia Payment by Central Govt

NOK of Armed Forces Personnel killed under following circumstances are entitled to Ex-Gratia w.e.f. 01 Aug 97 as indicated against each.

(a) Death occurring due to accidents in the course of performance of duties Rs. 5 Lakhs
(b) Death Occurring during :- Rs 7.5 lakhs (Rs.10 lakhs, if specifically notified by the Govt.)

(i) Enemy action in international war or Border skirmishes


(ii) Action against militants, terrorists, extremists