Guidelines for Visitors

Modes of travel


  • Indian Airlines     Bagdogra, located10 km from Siliguri, is the nearest airport and is connected by Indian Airlines and Jet Airways flights to Kolkatta , Delhi and Patna. A visitor coming by air can hire taxis or travel by bus to reach Jaigaon or Phuentsholing.

  • Druk Air     Druk Air operates a fleet of three  A-319. It normally operates three flights a week to and from Delhi and daily flights (except Wednesday) to and from Kolkata.

  • Nearest railway station (NRS)     The NRS of IMTRAT is New Alipur Duar (NAD).

  • New Cooch Behar and New Alipur Duar are convenient stations on broad gauge. Visitors are advised to detrain at New Alipur Duar only.

  • Road head     The road head for Bhutan is the town of Phuentsholing which is located 20 km north of Hasimara.  Hasimara is located  on  the National Highway 31 between Siliguri and Guwahati.

  • Route and distance     It takes 7 to 8 hours to reach Haa Dzong from Phuentsholing by a light vehicle and 8 to 9 hours by IMTRAT bus. Those prone to hill sickness, may take suitable medicine prior to the road journey. Haa Dzong is approx 220 kms from Phuentsholing along a winding mountainous road. Visitors moving up by private vehicles are requested to commence move only after getting necessary formalities completed at Phuentsholing.

  • All Indian civilian visitors to Bhutan  are required to carry documents of identity, three passport size photos and register themselves with the Immigration Authorities at the border before entering the country.
  • All military visitors are requested to obtain proper travel sanction prior to commencing their journey.
Climate     The climate at Haa Dzong is cold, the winters are severe and summers are pleasant. This climate also prevails at all other detachments except for Phuentsholing. The rainy season lasts for a good six months in a year. Annual rainfall is more than 500 cms.  As most of the IMTRAT detachments are located in high altitude areas, all visitors are advised to observe precautions against exposure to cold and high altitude. All personnel coming on posting, at any time of the year are requested to carry suitable warm clothing.

Banking facilities     There is a branch of Bank of Bhutan at Haa Dzong. The Bank of Bhutan is affiliated to State Bank of India and provides similar services.  However it now applies service charges at the rate of 2% per transaction even for official matters. Personnel coming on  posting are advised to open account with Central Bank of India or SBI, Jaigaon in India before moving to Haa as these branches are conveniently located adjacent to the administrative detachment at Phuentsholing.

Medical     Adequate medical facilities exist in IMTRAT. Serious cases are referred to the Air Force Hospital at Hasimara or the Base Hospital at Bengdubi or any other hospital in India, by air or by road, on the recommendations of medical authorities. The routine medical cases are attended to in the MH,  Haa  and IBFH, Thimphu .
Miscellaneous Instructions

  • Dogs     Dog owners are advised to have their dogs protected by anti rabies and distemper injections.

  • Private arms     Personnel coming on posting may bring their private arms and ammunition with valid licenses.

  • Renewal of licence     The Indian Embassy located at Thimphu is empowered to renew licenses of weapons of permissible bores. However, renewal of licenses of prohibited bores has to be done from India either at New Cooch Behar or at New Jalpaiguri.

  • Passport     The Indian Embassy at Thimpu also issues new passports to defence services officers besides renewal of old passports.

  • Currency     The currency in Bhutan is Ngultrum (equivalent of a Rupee and Chetrums (equivalent of a Paisa). However, Indian currency is also a valid tender.
Important Telephone Numbers     International telephone calls can be made from India to Bhutan.  Important telephone number (s) of IMTRAT units and detachments located at Thimphu, Phuentsholing and Jaigaon are as follows :-

Place IMTRAT Exchange/Fax Number ISD and STD Code
Thimpu 322210, 322485
Fax 322333     
Bhutan - Thimpu 
00975    - 2 -  Number
Phuentsholing 252247 , 252146
Fax  252247
Bhutan - Phuentsholing
00975    - 5 -  Number    
Haa 375166, 375167 & 375168 
Fax   375230, 375172,375352 
Bhutan - Haa
00975    - 8 -  Number

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