Mhow and Places of Interest

Mhow cantonment was founded by Sir John Malcolm as a sequel to the Treaty of Mandsour signed by the British Government and then Holkar king. Three premier training institutions of the Indian Army viz. College of Combat, Infantry School and MCTE are located in the cantonment. The spirit of the cantonment is irrepressible, showing a quaint defiance to the inexorable march of time.

Places of Interest

Bagh caves      Buddhist Vihars dating 500 AD 155 kms from Indore.
Dewas             Industrial Town 60 kms from Mhow.
Dhar                Parmar Strong Hold 53 kms from Mhow.
Indore             Commercial City of MP 22 kms from Mhow.
Maheshwar      Palace of Ahilya Bai and famous for Maheshwari Sarees 62 kms from Mhow on Agra-
                       Mumbai road.
Mandu Fort      Associated with  rulers of Ujjain 90 kms from Mhow.
Omkareshwar  Temple of Lord Shiva 3000 yrs old  62 kms from Mhow on Indore-Khandwa road.

Picnic Spots

Berchha Lake       8 kms from the College.
Mandleshwar        It is a historical place about 70 kms from Mhow.
Paataal Pani         5 kms from the College on Mhow-Khandwa rail route.
Wanchoo Point     40 kms from the College on Mhow-Chotta Jam road.
Yashwant Nagar   14 kms from the College on Mhow-Mumbai road.
9th Mile               A water sport amusement park 20 kms from Mhow on Indore-Khandwa road.
Yashwant Sagar   45 kms from the College on Indore-Depalpur, Road.