Date: 12 Mar 2015


Sepoy Rakesh Kumar, 30 RR was serving in a Rashtriya Rifles Battalion in Jammu & Kashmir fighting against the terrorists to protect the territorial integrity of the Nation. He proceeded on leave to spend some time with his 2 year old toddler living down south in Anjanpura, Karnataka. While on leave he went with his friend to take a bath in the nearby water canal at village Shikaripura.

While sitting on the bank of the canal, Sepoy Rakesh heard desperate cries for help from the Canal. He scanned across and noticed that 2 men were drowning in the canal. On seeing the men he just jumped into the water without any second thought to rescue the men. He rescued the first man, Mr Raju and went back again into the water to rescue the other but never came back, the high currents in the water engulfed him into them.

Rakesh displayed the highest order of military ethos and culture bringing out the fact that an Army man is always on duty. Later Mr Raju narrated the incident by bringing out the aspect that every Indian feels secure when an Army man is around.