Exercise Yudh Abhyas - 2019, a joint military exercise between Indian and US armies, commenced this morning at Joint Base Lewis MC Chord, Washington, USA with a brief yet impressive opening ceremony that saw the unfurling of the national flags of both countries to the strains of The Star Spangled Banner and Jana Gana Mana. US and Indian soldiers stood side by side, and gave a ceremonial salute to the two senior most officers of the US and Indian side reviewing the ceremony.


The US contingent was represented by a company of 5-20 Infantry Battalion of the US Army while the Indian side was representing The Assam Regiment. Major  General Xavier Brunsen, US Army welcomed the Indian soldiers, and in his inaugural remarks highlighted the common shared beliefs of democracy, freedom, equality and justice that are precious to both nations.


Both sides will jointly train, plan and execute a series of well-developed tactical drills for neutralization of likely threats that may be encountered in UN peace keeping operations. Experts from both sides will also hold detailed discussions to share their experience on varied topics for mutual benefit.