MES DAY: 26 SEP 20

1.         The Military Engineer Services (MES) is a premier construction agency and one of the pillars of Corps of Engineers of the Indian Army which provides rear line engineering support to the Armed Forces. It is one of largest construction and maintenance agencies in India with a total annual budget to the tune of approximately ?17000 crore. It is responsible for creating strategic and operational infrastructure other than major roads, as also administrative habitat for all three Services and associated organisations of the Ministry of Defence (MoD).


2.         MES is the only construction agency in the country which carries out multifarious construction activities such as residential and office buildings, hospitals, roads and runways, marine structure like docks and harbours across the country including border areas. Besides conventional buildings, MES is also involved in the construction of sophisticated and complex laboratories, factories and workshops, hangars, ammunition storage facilities, dockyards, wharves and other marine structures. It also deals with all associated service requirements such as air-conditioning, cold storage, electric and water supply, sewage disposal and so on. Most important of all, the facilities, assets and infrastructure created are maintained in a serviceable state and, in some cases, operated too, by the MES.

3.         Presently several major infrastructure projects are under execution by MES, which are targeted to be completed in a time-bound manner. Aircraft Carrier Dock constructed under the aegis of DGNP (Mumbai) supported by MES staff/ executives was inaugurated by Hon’ble RM on 28 Sep 2019. A hover port for Indian Coast Guard at Gujarat and runway upgradation at A&N Islands was also completed in Oct and Dec 2019 respectively. In addition, the infrastructure for SU-30 squadron at an Air Force station and completion of joint user runway at Chandigarh was completed under strict time constraints. In its contribution towards reducing the national carbon footprint, MES is striving for completion of 150 MW Solar Photovoltaic projects by 2021. To augment the energy conservation efforts, measures such as LED lighting and GRIHA green building norms are being incorporated in all new projects. MES has also played a key role in creating and modifying existing assets into COVID facilities across the country and provided uninterrupted services during these uncertain times.


4.         MES is also embracing automation on a large scale with implementation of online digital payment through SBI-CMP to all contractors/ suppliers and doing away with cash assignment pan India in all MES units. Web Based Project Monitoring Portal (WBPMP) is in advanced stage of approval as CDAC Pune has submitted its techno commercial proposal and will now include modules of estimation, budgeting, e-MB, construction account and monitoring of works in various stages.  MES complaint monitoring module in ARMAAN has been successfully implementing paving way for faster addressing of MES day to day maintenance related issues.  MES is also earnestly pursuing implementation of online revenue and accounts management software projects Raksha Awaas and Vishwak, being piloted by CGDA.


5.         As far as married accommodation is concerned, in Phase-II a total of 69,904 Dwelling Units (DUs) were sanctioned out of which 57,426 DUs have been completed. The MES organization, comprising of proficient personnel who are deployed across the length and breadth of the county at remote locations in all types of terrain and inhospitable climatic conditions, has been playing an important role in empowering the combat effectiveness of the Armed Forces. The organization is not only geared up to provide works services support during peace time but is also equipped to provide dedicated support during national crisis situations including war.

6.         On the occasion of 98th MES Raising Day, Lt Gen SK Shrivastava, PVSM, AVSM, Engineer-in-Chief, congratulates all MES personnel and urges them to continue dedicating themselves to this great organisation and contribute towards Nation Building by providing better services to the Armed Forces.