The nation is at the cusp of transformative changes driven by bold policy initiatives and enabling provisions as enunciated by the Government defining a vision, roadmap and milestones which will guide our national quest for a developed and self-reliant India. It is imperative for the Indian Army to fully align and integrate with the national goals, and concurrently keep evolving in sync with contemporary and emerging security paradigms, to remain formidable, relevant and prepared for any operational contingency. 
In spirit of pursuing this goal, the Indian Army will observe Year 2023 as “On Path to Transformation”, to set the course for its evolution to a future ready, technology driven, lethal and agile force, which establishes itself as an iron cas pillar of national power. IA’s transformation strategy will be based on following five key domains while ensuring Operational Preparedness to meet contemporary & emerging challenges, across the entire spectrum of conflict :-
(1)    Modernisation and Technology Infusion.
(2)    Force Restructuring and Optimisation.
(3)    System, Process and Functions.
(4)    Jointness and Integration.
(5)    Human Resource Management.