Army Scout Masters Competition


  • The fifth edition of “Army Scout Masters Competition" is scheduled to be held in India in Aug 2019. The competition will be held at Jaisalmer, a tourist city in the desert region of Rajasthan.The competition is designed to promote co-operation, collaboration and team spirit among the contestants and facilitate sharing of best practices, technology and hardware.
  • The five stages of the competition will test the marksmanship, navigation skills, endurance and teamwork amongst the teams under an international panel of judges, experts and arbiters. The Army Scout Masters Competition will be conducted under the established format of competition amongst Scouts and will offer unique challenges and opportunities keeping in mind the spirit of adventure, courage, comradeship and true spirit of the Army Games.


  • Enhance international Military to Military and technical co-operation between the States participating in the Scout Masters Competition.
  • Promote prestige of Military service in general and Scouts in particular and assist proliferation of best practices in field training amongst the participant states.
  • Develop competitiveness amongst scouts participating in the competition.
  • Display combat capabilities and characteristic of modern type of weapons, military equipment and technical means of reconnaissance.