This Stage will be organised as a Tactical Exercise comprising HB induction into enemy territory, Link-up with own intelligence source, to obtain a marked map of the area, Surveillance of a known enemy location and execution of an opportunity ambush on an enemy vehicle convoy. The Squad will cover a distance of approximate 10 - 15 kilometre on foot by night adopting all measures to avoid detection by enemy. The use of GPS is not permitted. The reports to the higher commander about the outcomes of the reconnaissance operation can be carried out in the language of the state participants. The sequence of tasks assigned to the squad while performing this exercise will be as follows:-

  • Securing of Mounting base and boarding the Helicopter.
  • Dismounting from Helicopter and securing the landing zone.
  • Establish communication with control Headquarter.
  • Navigation march on foot by night to a patrol base.
  • Linkup with Intelligence source in Enemy territory.
  • Carry out Surveillance of enemy post location by night.
  • Spring an Opportunity Ambush.
  • Establish communication with control Headquarter after accomplishment of mission.